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Welcome Back to the Parish Newsletter

It's been too long since our last newsletter, but we're delighted to reconnect with the community. Our mission with this edition is clear: to keep you in the loop and inspire active participation in all aspects of parish life.

As you peruse the newsletter, you'll discover updates on local projects, exciting events, and opportunities to get involved. But this newsletter is more than just a bulletin—it's a platform for fostering lively engagement and meaningful connections between our residents, the Parish Council and the Resident’s Association.

Your input is incredibly important, and we're keen to hear your thoughts, ideas, and hopes for our community. Let's collaborate to cultivate a lively and welcoming Parish where every voice counts.

January 2024 General

Safer Roads with SpeedWatch

Great news for the people in the Village: the Parish Council has applied to join the SpeedWatch initiative, a powerful program promoting road safety. To kick things off, we're seeking a handful of volunteers to actively participate in monitoring and controlling vehicle speeds. Your involvement will play a crucial role in creating safer streets for all. Let's come together and make a real impact on road safety in the parish. If you are interested in joining the SpeedWatch Team please contact Karl Eaves.

January 2024 Road Safety

Neighbourhood Plan Update: Shaping Our Future Together

More exciting news for our community! The Langley Burrell Without Neighbourhood Plan (LBWNP) is undergoing a crucial update to reflect changes within the Parish and a deeper understanding of our community's needs. Chaired by James Burrell and supported by Rosemary Waterkeyn, Secretary of the Residents Association, a dedicated steering committee is driving this project forward.

Neighbourhood Plans are instrumental in guiding the future development, regeneration, and conservation of local areas. The LBWNP specifically aims to balance growth while preserving our parish's unique character, covering aspects such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, and green spaces. Actively engaging residents and stakeholders in the planning process ensures that the community's needs and aspirations play a central role in decision-making.

As the LBWNP undergoes its update, the goal is to incorporate changes and insights since its 2016 formulation, making it a dynamic and relevant instrument for our evolving priorities. Your participation in the upcoming Community Consultation in early Spring 2024 is crucial. Updates will be shared via Langley Burrell Residents Association's social media channels. Let's collectively shape the future of Langley Burrell. Stay tuned for more details.

January 2024 Planning

New Village Gateway Signs

Keep an eye out for the prominent Village Gateway signs at both ends of Maud Heath's Causeway, designed to catch the eye of motorists and enhance safety for all road users. These signs encourage a slower pace through the core part of the Village. Additionally, we are planning to introduce ‘Parish’ Gateway signs to mark our boundary and strengthen our sense of community. Your support makes a difference in creating a united and safer Parish for all. Contact any member of the Parish Council if you have comments or suggestions on Road Safety or Village Identity.

January 2024 Road Safety

Community Infrastructure

Langley Burrell Parish has already put some of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to good use by supporting initiatives like the Langley Burrell Cricket Club and introducing new children's play facilities at the Village Hall. These initial steps aim to enhance our community, but there's more we can achieve together.

Your input is vital as we consider the next projects to benefit our residents. Whether it's improving local green spaces, upgrading community facilities, or introducing new endeavours, your suggestions are crucial.

If you have ideas to contribute, please reach out to any member of the Parish Council. Your thoughts matter—let's work together for a brighter future!

Contact any member of the Parish Council or come along to the next Parish Council meeting and present your idea in person.

January 2024 Parish Council

Heritage Trails & Kilvert’s Walks

Embark on a journey through history with the extended Langley Burrell Heritage Trails! Last year, we've added additional Kilvert's walks, offering longer and enhanced experiences enriched by recorded passages from Rosemary Waterkeyn. Access the Heritage Trails on the Langley Burrell Residents Association website

LBRA Heritage and Walks website

But that's not all—later this year, we're enhancing the trail experience further by adding benches at select locations. Take a moment to relax, catch your breath, and immerse yourself in the spoken passages available on the website. To make this project even more special, we're calling for volunteers to help install Heritage Trail signs with QR codes at key locations along the trail. If you want to be a part of preserving our heritage, please reach out to Rosemary Waterkeyn. Let's make our Heritage Trails even more memorable together!

January 2024 Leisure

Behind the Scenes: Parish Stewards

Ever wondered who maintains the gullies, trims the verges, and keeps our local roads and paths safe? The Parish Stewards are skilled operatives who visit monthly, focusing on discretionary highway tasks identified by the Parish Council. From gully emptying to verge maintenance, they play a key role in enhancing our Parish and keeping key areas safe. Your suggestions for additional tasks are welcome via the Parish Council. Please contact Katerina Johnston or the Clerk of the Parish Council if you think there is something that should be added to the Parish Steward’s work list.

January 2024 General

St Peter’s Church News

A new year at St Peter’s brings both opportunities and challenges. If you have not visited the church yet - maybe even unsure where we are - then take a look at our website where you will find lots of information.

St Peters Website

In 2024 we hope to welcome new visitors both to services (1st and 3rd Sundays, 10:30 am) and as part of the village Heritage Trail; also we look forward to several weddings when we will help couples to celebrate their special day. We have a regular congregation of around 20 and invite you to join us, wherever you are on the journey of faith.

On Saturday 16th March there will be a lively quiz evening, open to all, teams of up to 6, to be held at St Paul’s Church Hall. Tickets £10 in advance – contact Hazel on 07766254872. It is a fundraising event in support of building an accessible-to-all toilet at St Peter’s. There will be a bar and ploughperson’s supper…

Finally, we say a sad farewell in February to our rector Simon Dunn, who is moving to a new parish. We appreciate all he has done for us and wish him well. Of course services will continue, with the involvement of church members; also, additional support from lay ministers and the Diocese.

The early snowdrops already offer a welcome to St Peters and in full bloom they alone are worth a visit. If you need general information about us please contact Howard on 07757 0859074; or for weddings and funerals, James at the Benefice, office (01249) 444771.

January 2024 Devotion

Shaping Our Communication

As we strive to enhance communication within Langley Burrell Parish, your input is invaluable. We currently rely on an old email list and village notice boards, but we recognise the need to evolve and embrace modern forms of communication.

We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions on how best to connect with our community in the 21st century. Should we explore options like implementing a GDPR-compliant mailing list, utilising WhatsApp groups, or expanding our presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or others?

Your feedback will help us tailor our communication approach to better serve the needs of all our residents. Please send all comments and suggestions to Karl Eaves. Let's ensure that everyone in Langley Burrell Parish stays informed and engaged in our community's life.

January 2024 General

Langley Burrell Without Parish Council

The Parish Council meets bi-monthly to discuss matters relating to the village and community.

Our Council consists of the following members:

  • Julie Hoskins (Chairman)
  • Mark Meredith (Vice Chairman)
  • Rick Colthorpe
  • Katerina Johnstone
  • Karl Eaves

Future Meeting Dates:

Monday 18th March 2024

All meetings are held in the Maud Heath Meeting Room at the Village Hall at 7pm. For more information, contact the Clerk for the Council,Vivian Vines MBE.Members of the public are always welcome.

January 2024 Parish Council

Village Hall Events

The team at the Village Hall have already got exciting events planned for the fist half of the year.

Saturday 24 February 2-4pm

Ian Millar & Dominic Spencer - Jazz in the Village Buy tickets from:

Buy Tickets at...

Saturday 23 March 10.30am

Litter Pick with free bacon bap & coffee after Meet at the Village Hall

Saturday 30 March 1-3pm

Easter Egg Hunt around the Hall Grounds, prizes & light refreshments

Saturday 22 June - 12.30-3.30pm

Annual Fete

January 2024 Events