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Kilvert's Skating at Draycot Walk

Begin your walk at St Peter’s Church and make your way via Birds Marsh Wood past Marsh Farm before turning up Morrell Lane to Kington St Langley. Turn left briefly to stand outside both Langley Ridge House on your left and Tanners House up to your right, before turning back round to walk up the village road to your right, passing Poets Gate, up to the main road. Again, having seen both the Greathouse and Manor House, turn back a short way into the village before turning right up Fairleigh Rise to footpath KLAN14 and then onto Draycot Park.

On leaving via the iron gates, cross the B4069 and turn left towards Sutton Benger. You have a choice of walking along the pavement next to the road, or a slightly longer way via the lane first right down into the farmyard, keeping left to the footpath SBEN11 to join SBEN22. Continue past the Sutton Wildflower fields and via three small woods, back to St Peters passing behind Langley House on your way.

Note. As on all the Kilvert Walks, if you wish to read more on any of the Listed Buildings or Monuments, cross to the Gazzetter Page and click on the relevant tab.


Approximate time to complete walk:
2 hours 30 minutes


Approximate Distance:
7 miles, +3/4 mile with option

Please respect the owner’s privacy and do not go onto the property grounds.

Thank you