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Old Photograph of Schoolhouse

WSHC 3623/1 Reproduced with permission of the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

Site of the Langley Burrell Parsonage

Church of St Peter’s

The church of St Peter’s at Langley Burrell is fortunate in having a good-sized car park in front of it. It may surprise some that this is not merely the result of good fortune but rather because there was once a building here, the home of the rector.

Documentary evidence shows there was a parsonage or rectory provided for the accommodation of the rector of St Peter’s in 1704. However, that building was taken down in 1776-1778, and a new house was built adjacent to the church for the new rector, Samuel Ashe. Samuel was fortunate enough to have a wealthy father who covered the cost. His relative was the local Lord of the Manor, Robert Ashe, who gave his permission and oversaw the work. It was described five years later as a modern tiled stone building that contained twelve rooms, garrets and cellars. ‘The rooms are in general papered: the parlours half wainscoted and floored with oak, the rest are floored with deal or elm.’

Unfortunately, several decades after the death of Samuel, his home was demolished around 1855 by the then Lord of the Manor, Robert Martyn Ashe, who moved the rector into what is now known as Kilvert’s Parsonage. Fortunately, we know the location of Samuel’s home from its outline on the tithe map. In conducting the research for this project, we have discovered a sketch by him which we believe he made of his home. Although he was no great artist, we can see it was a beautiful Georgian building now sadly gone.


The Car Park, Church of St Peters
Langley Burrell


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