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Langley Cottage

Langley Cottage was built in the eighteenth century and altered during the early nineteenth century. During the early 1870s, the Warrilow family lived at the house. William Warrilow was a Chippenham-based accountant, and his wife Maria, until she gave up work with their growing family, was a teacher of music and French. In 1870, tragedy struck the Warrilow household when 5-month-old Fanny Warrilow died. Robert Kilvert, the father of the diarist, Francis Kilvert, officiated at Fanny's funeral at St Peter's church on 13 December. The death of a child was not unusual in Langley Burrell during the decade, but Fanny was the youngest child whose death was recorded in parish registers during the 1870s. In the close-knit community of Victorian Langley Burrell, her passing may have resonated with many outside the family. Kilvert later recounted a dream that his mother, Thermuthis, had in which she was engaged in a 'mortal struggle' with Death at Langley church. 'They wrestled all about the churchyard over the graves and among the tombs especially by Lessiter's tomb and the little child Warrilow's grave, and at last she [Thermuthis] conquered Death.'


Langley Cottage,
Crossing Lane,
Langley Burrell


NGRef: ST 93376 75175
Historic England 1022346 

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