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The Residents' Association

Our aims:

  • To promote the exercise of rights and interests of residents
  • To promote, maintain and improve their amenities and environment
  • To support and encourage residents to speak on local issues
  • To encourage a community spirit
  • To represent the interests of residents in consultation with the Local Authority and with other official bodies and organisations
  • To promote the harmonious functioning of a diverse community and to work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination within it

The Residents' Association is committed to working towards the perception of Langley Burrell as a safe and welcoming village; a village that will appeal to all ages and one that will encourage the development of a balanced community and its diverse small businesses based or organised from within the parish boundary



Langley Burrell's future prosperity lies in its perception as an historic village parish within the County of Wiltshire

Strong Representation

Membership is open to all residents who live either full or part-time within the parish boundary and also to those who have residential interests in these areas


Miles of Footpaths


Historic or Listed Buildings